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Fradi is an idea of two brothers, Domenico and Francesco Dimarco, both with a common passion, and engaged in doing business in a land answering the call of clothing production, with the will to emerge, typical of entrepreneurs used to exciting challenges. They create a wardrobe which is various, multipurpose and functional, perfect for all occasions, a guide in style, with sophisticated fabrics and artisanal quality; a different look at fashion: design is made to transcend seasons. 


Soft Techno Jacket

$598.00 Regular price $895.00

Striped Crewneck

$258.00 Regular price $375.00

Ribbed Crewneck

$248.00 Regular price $355.00

Hooded Sweater

$198.00 Regular price $295.00

Hooded Sweater

$198.00 Regular price $295.00

Tech Joggers

$278.00 Regular price $395.00