Personal Shopping FAQ


How does personal shopping work?

When you request an appointment, you will tell us what you are shopping for and if you prefer to connect with a personal shopper in-person or virtually.
Once your appointment is booked, you will receive a confirmation email and message from a personal shopper.

Where is the service available?

You can connect with a personal shopper in-stores (Boyds Philadelphia or Boyds Wayne), virtually, and at your homes or offices.

When do you offer appointments?

Appointments are available before and during store hours.

How long is each appointment?

Wardrobing or formalwear can take a few hours, whereas gift shopping takes one hour or less.

What is the fee to use one of your personal shoppers?

The service is complimentary.

Is there a minimum spend to make an appointment?

There is no spend minimum when using one of our personal shoppers.


I have a closet full of clothes and feel like I have nothing to wear. Can you help me make sense of what I have?

Absolutely! We will assess your wardrobe by doing a full “closet audit”. This consists of editing each piece to discuss keeping it, donating it, or repurposing/re-fitting it for a renewed use. After that, we will put looks together with what you own, identifying what’s missing from your wardrobe. This is how we round out to make your wardrobe work for you!

I feel like my wardrobe is stale, but I don't know what pieces to buy to update my look.

After conducting a “closet audit”, we can identify pieces to integrate into what you already own. Building a wardrobe of staples as a base for the season’s trends makes it easier to keep your look updated. The first thing we will do is ensure you have the essential pieces to build upon.

The dress code at work has changed so dramatically because I work from home now. Can you help me create a relevant professional wardrobe?

This is a popular question! We will review what your work attire looked like in the past, take into consideration your occupation, personal style, and lifestyle. From here, we adapt your current wardrobe to this new mode of dressing infusing your wardrobe with the right pieces that allow you to move seamlessly from your home office to the occasional boardroom as well as meetings with clients. We can discuss the best choices for virtual meetings as well.

I can't buy garments off-the-rack. Conventional sizes do not work for my body type. Do you offer Made-to-Measure clothing?

Boyds has one of the largest assortments of Made-to-Measure collections in the country featuring custom tailored clothing and luxury sportswear from the world’s most respected brands. We will guide you on your individual fit and styling preferences, with customization options ranging from fabrics and linings to buttons and monograms. Lead time is generally 6 weeks, but some manufacturers can produce in as little as 2 weeks, while at some busy times of the year, it could be 12 weeks. Please plan on contacting us at least 4 months prior to any major event. Alternatively, if you do see something you love off-the-rack at Boyds, our master tailors and seamstresses can make virtually everything custom to your body with their expert tailoring skills.

I have no time and dislike shopping, but I want to look good both at work and socially. Can you help?

This is what we do best! We will spend time discovering your personal style and present you with full wardrobe options, from event dressing and work clothing to weekends at the shore. We keep records of what you purchased to make filling in easy and seamless to ensure you look updated and fresh each season.

I am not good at identifying what looks best on me—style or color. Can you help me select pieces that fit well and are flattering?

This is a common issue that many men and women struggle with, and where a personal shopper can be a huge help. We marry your personal style, body type, etc., with pieces that will enhance your features. We work together to teach you which silhouettes and colors are flattering while showing you everyday hacks that make it easy and fun to get dressed for any occasion. Before you know it, you will be confident about what looks best on you, what to steer away from, and will develop a personal style that fits all aspects of your life.

My child’s wedding is next year—I will need formal and social clothing for my family for a weekend of events. Can you put the outfits together for everyone and manage the wardrobe for that weekend?

Of course! It is always an honor when our clients ask us to assist for one of the most important times of their lives. We offer formal appointments for both men and women with a variety of designers and price points as well as a full scope of options for events around the big day. From gowns and tuxedos, cocktail dresses and suits to outfits for the rehearsal dinner, afterparties, brunch, and more, we can take care of it all. We provide dressing services for the day of the wedding—anything you need to feel confident and relaxed—we are here to ensure you look and feel your best self.

I don't live near Boyds anymore and I miss it! Do you offer virtual appointments?

Absolutely! Contact us for a virtual appointment and we will schedule a video call where we can walk through the store or shop the website together. We can ship the garments to you and will provide virtual services when you try the clothes on at home to discuss fit, outfit coordination, etc.