About Us

Kent, Alex & Andrew Gushner

Boyds is a fourth generation, family-owned luxury retailer. Since 1938, we’ve provided our clients with luxury fashion and experiences that aim to enhance our modern relevance while keeping traditions alive.

We offer a diverse assortment of luxury women’s and men’s ready-to-wear and accessories, from over 250 designers across the world, driving connection to the evolving generations.

Whether you join us in our stores or online, the Boyds experience is one-of-a-kind that is centered around making our clients feel like their best selves and proud to play a role in our legacy.


Our story

Four Generations and Counting

Our great-grandfather immigrated from Russia and invested what little savings he accumulated from selling newspapers into a not-so-charming shop that offered cigarettes, cigars, and dress shirts.

Here we are eighty-four years later, still the same family, still standing tall, with just a few notable updates. First, we’ve kicked that nicotine habit. Second, our women’s presentation takes center stage with an advanced contemporary and designer offering that pushes boundaries. Lastly, we can’t forget about our men’s selection that now ranges from boardroom suits to swimsuits and sweatsuits.

What we wear is an expression of who we are, how we think, and what we do. We're here to enhance how you perceive yourself and how everybody else perceives you. Thriving in today's world is incredibly taxing and you shouldn't have to do it alone. So, we're here to help. What we cherish most isn’t only the evolution of our product offering, but it's how we offer it—using the same old-world principles and lost-art service that has kept strong winds in our sails since 1938.

Today, our family of one hundred employees is serious about our mission (and on occasion even dresses the part), but we never take ourselves too seriously because that’s for everyone else.

Alex Gushner and Andrew Gushner
(4th generation)

Our History


The Gushner brothers, Alexander, Albert, and Ben, founded Boyds, a humble men’s clothing store on 1217 Market Street in Philadelphia.


After 30 successful years, Boyds was passed on to the next generation, spearheaded by Gerald and his brother, who would further expand the business.


Boyds relocated to 1818 Chestnut Street, formerly the iconic Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts building.


Boyds introduced designer women’s ready-to-wear after 55 years of exclusively selling menswear.


The business transitioned to the third generation, led by Gerald’s son, Kent Gushner.


Kent’s son and fourth generation, Alex Gushner, was introduced to the business after working for Zegna in New York.


Boyds broke ground on a transformative storewide renovation and launched e-commerce.


Another fourth generation family member, Andrew Gushner, joined the business after working for Bergdorf Goodman in New York. That same year, Boyds Pop-Up opened in Ardmore to test the suburban market.


Boyds Wayne opened, marking the first permanent location outside of the city.