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After many years as a fashion consultant, Chloe kept pushing herself to gain more knowledge. She decided to pursue her passion with the will to write her own story by creating her Instagram @LouloudeSaison, there lies a universe that revolves around her vision of the modern Parisian woman.

Paris being her muse, she is inspired by its architecture, art, life, and it genuinely enhances it her style. She quickly became an essential Parisian figure, which earned her the respect and trust of the industry and its counterparts.

Chloé, Loulou de Saison, has managed to build a close relationship with her community that is based on trust, inspiration and communication.

They trust her because she has a clear vision and has been true to herself. She is transparent with her community and has continually introduced them to brands that speak to her while fitting into their universe. Her authenticity and her urge to always take things a step further are what has allowed her to develop strong partnerships with established brands, to build a consistent and growing community with the openness to dedicating emerging brands her trust.