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The “ANGELO NARDELLI 1951” brand was founded by Angelo Nardelli in 1951 in Martina Franca, Italy. Under the keen leadership of its General Manager, Domenico Nardelli, Angelo Nardelli's son, the Company succeeded as a leader in manufacturing of suits among its competitors. In its natural evolution and growth, ITN S.p.A. introduced its own brand "ANGELO NARDELLI 1951" to the marketplace and it soon found its place among the renowned names in Made in Italy men's wear brands both nationally and internationally. The good organization of the Company leads to the qualitative efficiency of its products and an effective answer to the needs of a more and more demanding customer. The Company mission is to build life style collections with modern classic refined taste and innovation. I.T.N. quality is also guaranteed by membership to the national “Italian Manufacturers’ Association”.

The Company strategy also provides investing in both communication and marketing, aiming at a strong brand policy at national and international level.


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